Performance management and development at ITU

ITU defines performance management and development as a continuous dialogue between staff members and supervisors. This dialogue fosters a culture of trust, transparency, honesty, collaboration, and innovation, where individuals are held accountable for their performance, recognized for their achievements, and encouraged to develop their potential.

Performance management engages all staff to achieve individual objectives, while contributing to the ITU mandate. It is a responsibility of staff members and supervisors to ensure that dialogue represents the fundamental basis of the performance management and development process, both in terms of constructive feedback, as well as a preventive measure to minimize any disagreements.

Performance management is one of the key elements of the ITU Human Resources Strategic Plan as a means of helping staff and managers to clarify the skills, attitude and behaviours needed to perform their duties successfully.

ITU has a new learning and performance management system available to all staff. The new portal offers a large variety of learning courses across all ITU competencies. Each ITU staff has a defined learning and performance e-profile.