Why work with us?

Work with us

The ITU is the oldest agency of the United Nations. We have been shaping communications, constantly evolving and connecting the world for over 150 years.  Our history – and our future – are the history and future of communication technology itself.

We believe in the power of technology to improve human lives everywhere.

We value technology and technical expertise to help people communicate and prosper. Digital technology drives social and economic development, enabling us to address global challenges such as health and climate. Technology is not for technology’s sake, but for the good of humanity and of the planet.

We believe in inclusivity

ICTs and the benefits they bring should be available to everyone, everywhere, regardless of nation, economic status, gender, age or ability. We work towards universal access to digital technology, closing the digital divide and opening up opportunity to all.

We value collaboration and consensus

We provide a neutral global platform for nations, industries, international organizations, and research institutions to work together on an equal footing and with an equal voice.  Building consensus, creating partnerships, and delivering change depend on mutual respect.

Join us

Technical expertise, inclusivity, collaboration, and consensus are the hallmarks of our way of working, too. We are respected, trusted professionals in every aspect of our work. We value efficiency, transparency, and accountability. We are proud members of the UN family and fully uphold the UN system values.

Above all, we are people with a mission: making technology available to all, for the good of all.