HR partnership programmes

ITU has a wide range of human resources partnerships with different entities ranging from governments to universities. Through various HR programmes, you will be able to work with ITU on different initiatives and projects and expand your horizons in an international multicultural working environment.


The ITU is always looking for talented, motivated, and enthusiastic interns from around the world. An internship at the ITU is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the work of the ITU.

The ITU Internship Programme offers practical work experience in a multicultural environment. In addition to providing an understanding of the Union’s mandate, programmes, and main areas of activity, it also enhances academic knowledge with relevant work assignments to help prepare for future careers.

To participate in this programme you must be:

  • Under 30 years of age (exceptions can be made when the candidate is working on a Ph.D.)
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate programme; or a recent graduate (within six months of the internship)
  • A citizen of a Member State of ITU
  • Able to provide a copy of your university enrolment or graduate certificate
  • Able to provide your CV


Junior Professional Officers

The Junior Professional Officers (JPO) Programme provides valuable work experience and training opportunities for young and motivated professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in international development. JPO positions are funded by various donor countries for a duration of two to four years, in different locations.

Applications for the JPO programme must be made through the appointed representative of the candidate’s government and not directly to ITU.

The following qualifications are required for candidates to be considered:

  • Under 35 years of age
  • A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) as a minimum
  • A minimum of three years of working experience
  • Proficient in writing and speaking in one of the six official languages of the ITU


Loans and Secondments (Funds In Trust FIT)

Various entities can loan or second an individual to ITU to provide expertise based on the specific needs of the Union and mutual interests. Releasing entities collaborating with ITU include governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, international organizations, universities, foundations, and private sector companies.

ITU and its counterpart (Member States, Sector Members, Associates and Academia, and other entities listed under Article 19 of the ITU Convention) conclude formal agreements.

Loaned/seconded personnel should meet ITU’s recruitment standards in terms of qualifications and experience.


Donor countries provide Secondments/Funds-in-Trust (FIT) to finance technical assistance and human capacity building projects to developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

A secondment is an arrangement whereby a Releasing Entity finances a temporary post, covering salary, entitlements, and benefits of an individual assigned to work for ITU for a limited and specified period.

The individual is placed on the payroll of ITU and will have the status of a staff member for the duration of the secondment.

The standard duration of a secondment is a minimum of one year and shall not exceed three years.


A loan is an arrangement whereby a Releasing Entity pays full and direct remuneration, including benefits and social security, directly to an individual assigned to work for ITU for a limited and specified period.

The individual remains on the payroll of the Releasing Entity and is not considered as a staff member of ITU.

The standard duration of a loan is minimum of six months and shall not exceed two years.


Young Professionals Programme (YPP)

Young Professionals Programme (ITU YPP): the next generation of Global ICT experts and leaders.

The ITU YPP is a recruitment initiative for the next generation of global ICT experts and leaders to help shape the future of the tech sector – standards, policies, regulations and recommendations. Over the course of this 2-year program, talented and qualified individuals will be exposed to understand technology, regulatory and policy issues and learn how it works in practice. Young experts will contribute to bridging the digital divide and leveraging technology for the benefit of society. The ITU YPP will support emerging talent to work across ITU’s three Sectors and the General Secretariat in HQs and the field.

Our first group of Young Professionals will join ITU in early 2024. Call for applications to be launched in September 2023.

Key program features: 

•    Discovering tech: on-the-job learning
    Professional experience and talent development
    Research and innovation
    Mentoring and learning
•    Global network

Why should you join ITU YPP?

Discovering tech: on-the-job learning 
As part of this program, young professionals will learn about information and communication technologies and the role of ITU in promoting equitable, affordable, universal, innovative, and safe connectivity. The programme has a combined learning format which includes practical learning and training opportunities with the ITU Academy.

Research and innovation. Young professionals will work on assignments and initiatives on various topics from artificial intelligence, quantum, internet of things, cybersecurity, to space, future generation of networks and much more. They will learn about the potential of cross-cutting technologies, their applicability, and impact.  There are over 400 research questions discussed in Study Groups and Focus Groups at ITU.

Mentoring and learning. Within this programme, young professionals will be assigned mentors and supervisors to help improve their technical, management, and policy skills. They will be exposed to interesting, innovative, and challenging projects that will help to develop their expertise.

Global network. Young professionals will have an opportunity to network with ICT regulators, policy-makers, and experts from industry and academia from all over the world. They will contribute to the network of over 20 000 ICT experts that shape the ICT ecosystem.

Professional experience and talent development. Young professionals will engage in diplomacy, policy, how to strengthen collaboration, develop partnerships, and how to reach consensus.


    The programme aims to bring young experts from underrepresented regions with a focus on developing countries, LDCs, LLDCS and SIDS 
    2 years rotation program (one or two years in HQs and possibly in the regional office)
    Maximum 30 years of age at the time of application
    Available for 24 months 
•    University degree
•    Minimum 1 year of relevant experience
    Strong analytical, research, and organizational skills
    Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    English at advanced level and knowledge of one other official language of the Union (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish) would be an advantage.